1,000-300 OM – Age of Conquest. Elves and dwarves circa 800, humans and halflings circa 500.

Circa 300 to 200 OM – Pholex the Branded founds Stedon.

Circa 200 to 50 OM – The Merciless Wars. Saint Beras.

Circa 50-44 OM – First Elven War. Human nations allied in victory.

1 SR – Founding of Ephesan Church by Saint Ephes. Construction of the Crystal Temple begun. Tragedy of Wyedale Keep.

12 SR – Completion of the Crystal Temple.

19-20 SR – Second Elven War. Portion of Crystal Temple destroyed and Relucent assassinated. All of what would become Cathontur and most of Borzasion captured.

46-50 SR – The Malefic Crusade against Lich Lord Caranthin. Kingdom of Cathontur founded, with the province’s academy pledging their undead army.

53 SR – Third Elven War, also called the Burning Crusade. The new Cathonturian army marched south, liberating Borzasion. Much of the Sinmuru Forest was burned to prevent the elven host from escaping as they were mercilessly slaughtered.

100-300 SR – Portal Era.

Circa 450 SR – Rheged Bloodbeard forges Qudraxi.

504 SR – Dwarven and elven alliance to crush orcs of Geruntha Steppes. Campaign successful, however dwarven halls lost to Qudraxi.

505 SR – Saint Zhagar saves two clans, leads Gerunthan dwarves to safety of Stedon and Seamist.

506 to 508 SR – Zhagar stays in Stedon. After, He leaves for Geruntha Steppes alone.

615-25 SR – Fourth Elven War. Ended with the Pact of Aurgate between the elves, Cathontur, Borzasion, and Ursudal (plus the displaced dwarf clans therein) stating a mutual disengagement of forces.

634 SR – Salarcene Treaty.

813 SR – First set of fully functioning warforged.

846 to 849 SR – War of Fallen Crowns. Crowning of Emperor Rancis Blackmar. Founding of Hospitallers.

991 to 994 SR – Fifth Elven War. Ends with Aqdoran victory, though no land is gained or lost.

1,016 SR – Saint Melinorre saves Thuria from manamist and disappears. Thuria officially accepts the True Faith and founds the Melinorran Order.

1,039 to 1,040 SR – The Arcane Crusade. Secundus Edetha Saventa (Edetha the Reformer) becomes Primus.

1,052 SR – Spiral City airships invented. Ground level access closed permanently.

1,317 SR – Current day.


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